Name of the Year Nominations

To nominate a name, send:
  • nomination name
  • short justification of the nomination

to Prof. Evans at cevans[@]

Nominations are judged based on their

  • linguistic innovation
  • ability to capture national attention
  • demonstrated potential to influence language use.

REMEMBER: Popularity or notoriety of the person, place, or thing named isn’t important.

The ANS also selects sub-categories winners:

1.) Fictional names: names of characters in movies, film, music, literature; can also include names of works. Past winners include Edward, from the Twillight Novels (2008); Max from the popular children’s book Where the Wild Things Are (2009), and Quinn and Finn, the characters in the TV sitcom, “Glee” (2010).

2.) Personal names: names of real people, groups, societies, etc. (anthroponyms). Past winners include Barack Hussein Obama (2008), Lady Gaga (2010), Malala (2012 and 2014).

3.) Place names: names of geographic places or events such rivers, lakes, streams, mountains, storms, winds. Past winners include Eyjafjallajökull (the volcano which erupted in Iceland) (2010); Fukushima (the nuclear powerplant in Japan) (2011); and Ferguson (the town in Missouri made infamous for the charges of police brutality and the public riots which erupted in protest) (2014).

4.) Trade names: names of products, trades, brands, programs, and/ or organizations.  Past winners include Siri (2011); Uber (2014); and Twitter (2009).

Send in your nominations today: cevans[@]