The American Name Society presents two conferences per year for name scholars, enthusiasts and linguists.

American Name Society Annual Meeting

January 4-7th, 2018 in Salt Lake City, UT

In conjunction with the Linguistic Society of America, the ANS meets once a year for paper presentations, panel discussions, and general camaraderie over food and drinks.

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The LSA Annual Meeting page has been updated to include information about local transportation, dining, and nightlife.

Meeting registration and hotel reservations will open September 1. Meeting registration will be open through December 15, and hotel reservations through December 13.

Preregistration information is available at the LSA website. ANS members can register at LSA member rates, in one of two ways:

1. If you’re already an LSA member, you can log in to the LSA website and simply register for the meeting using the instructions provided at the link above.

2. If you’re not an LSA member, you can register as nonmembers, and use the following coupon codes at checkout to reduce the nonmember rates to the member rates: SISTER2018REGULAR for nonstudent attendees and SISTER2018STUDENT for student attendees.

Hotel reservation information and links are available here.


ANS Panel at the Modern Language Association Conference

January 4-7th, 2018 in New York, NY

Conference Information

The American Name Society will be holding a special panel under the theme of “Names and Multilingualism.” Multilingual and multicultural communities have been developed since the ancient world. The linguistic and cultural contacts within these communities have attracted the interest of a broad range of disciplines, where in some cases different strands have emerged.

The panel will include the following three papers:

  1. Multilingual naming and the Catholicity of Saints Presentation by Christine De Vinne at Ursuline College, Cleveland, Ohio (USA)
  2. Multilingual place names in Southern Africa by Lucie Möller at the University of the Free State, Bloemfontein (SOUTH AFRICA)
  3. Name usage in a globalized world: The case of “newcomers” in Japan Lilian Terumi Hatano at Kinki University (JAPAN)

Names and Multilingualism Information provides paper abstracts and speaker bios.

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