ANS Emerging Scholar Award

The Emerging Scholar award recognizes the outstanding scholarship of a names researcher in the early stages of their academic or professional career, including postdocs. Papers written by more than one author are also eligible; however, all authors must provide evidence of being an emerging scholar.

In 2007, the American Name Society established the ANS Emerging Scholar Award (ANSESA), to be awarded to an undergraduate or graduate student who submits the best paper accepted for presentation at the ANS annual meeting. In years that no paper is deemed worthy, no award will be given. The winner of the ANSESA is selected by a sub-committee of onomastic scholars who serve on the ANS Executive Council. Recipients of this prestigious award receive the following:

  • a cash prize of $250 US dollars
  • one year of membership in the ANS
  • public announcements on the NAMES and ANS websites
  • a profile in the ANS newsletter, to be written by the Chair of the ANSESA Committee


Award recipients are encouraged to submit their manuscripts for publication in NAMES.

A complete listing of previous ANSESA winners can be found below.


ANSESA Past Winners

2022 No prize awarded

2021 Alessia Battista, University of Naples ‘Parthenope’
Title of paper: “Being Butch: A Corpus-Based Discourse Analysis of Identity Construction in Stone Butch Blues”

2020 No prize awarded

2019 Marielle Côté-Gendrea, McGill University
Title of paper: “Tracking Napoleon, His Name and His Myth in 19th Century French Canada: Sociodemographic Regard on a Revealing Naming Pattern”

2018 No prize awarded

2017 Daniel Duncan, New York University
Title of paper: “Understanding St. Louis’ Love for Hoosier

2016 Maryann Parada, University of Illinois at Chicago.
Title of paper: “Ethnolinguistic Emblems in Latino Chicago: Attitudes of the Second Generation toward Names and Naming

2015 David Robertson, University of Victoria
Title of paper: “Naming Chinook Jargon”

2013 Diane Dechief, University of Toronto
Title of paper: “In the Name of Performance: The Presentation of Personal Names Shifted Through Immigration to Canada”

2012 Alison Burns, University of Glasgow
Title of paper: “A socio-onomastic Study of Field-names in Aberdeenshire, Scotland”

2011 Giancarla Unser Schutz, Hitotsubashi University
Title of paper: “Manipulating Reading: New Trends in the Structural Patterns of Japanese Baby Names”

2010 Carol G. Lombard, University of Montana
Title of paper: “The Sociocultural Significance of Niitsitapi Personal Names: An Ethnographic Analysis

2009 Idowu Olusola Odebode, Redeemer’s University
Title of paper: “Naming Systems During Yoruba Wars: A Sociolinguistic Study