ANS 2005

American Name Society

2005 Annual Meeting

Oakland Marriott City Center, Oakland, California

January 6–9, 2005

Unless otherwise noted, all events take place in Room 204


Thursday, 6 January

Queer Names of Stage, Screen, and Fiction

Chair: Ronald R. Butters (Duke Univ.)

1:30 Ronald R. Butters (Duke Univ.): Fay Etrange of Kuntzville: Names in queer novels before Stonewall

2:00 Phillip Carter (NC SU): The social meaning of drag queen names

2:30 Rebecca Childs (Univ. GA): Drag kings: Creating a name in a   more socially conscious performance space

3:00 Arnold M. Zwicky (Stanford Univ.): How to name a porn star

Cross-Cultural Onomastics 1

Chair: Chao-chih Liao (Ntl Univ. Kaohsiung)

4:00 Kenneth Zuercher (Univ. TX-Arlington): Personal names in Azerbaijan: A quantitative analysis

Discussant: Samira Farwaneh (Univ. AZ)

4:30 Edwin D. Lawson (SUNY-Fredonia) & Farid Alakbarov (Azerbaijan Acad Sci): Azeri Naming Patterns, 1900-2001

Discussant: Samira Farwaneh (Univ. AZ)

5:00 Uri Tadmor (Max Planck Inst-Jakarta): The unique personal names of the Kualan-Samandang of western Borneo

Discussant: Dwan Shipley (W WA Univ.)

5:30 Dwan Lee Shipley (W WA Univ.): Historical migration influences on the toponyms of Remote Oceania with specific concentration on the Fiji Islands

Discussant: Peter P. Schweitzer (Univ. AK-Fairbanks)


Friday, 7 January

Invited Plenary Address: Keynote

9:00 – 10:00 AM

Moderator: Edward Callary (N IL Univ.)

Discussant: Sheila Embleton (York Univ.)

William O. Bright (Univ. CO-Boulder): Names and naming in native northwestern California

Cross-Cultural Onomastics 2

Chair: Uri Tadmor (Max Planck Inst)

10:00 Rungpat Roengpitya (Chulalongkorn Univ.): Names, address, and reference terms used in US and Thai political discourse

Discussant: Uri Tadmor (Max Planck Inst)

10:30 Noriko Watanabe (Baruch C-CUNY): Japanese first names and the politics of script control

Discussant: Jensen Chung (San Francisco SU)

11:00 Peter P. Schweitzer (Univ. AK-Fairbanks): Mapping the invisible: Toward a Bering Strait census of personal names

Discussant: Dwan Shipley (W WA Univ.)

11:30 Samira Farwaneh (Univ. AZ): Linguistic cues of gender perception in Arabic

Discussant: Saundra K. Wright (CSU-Chico)

African and African American Names

Chair: Herbert Barry, III (Univ. Pittsburgh)

1:00 Charles Pfukwa (Zimbabwe Open Univ.): Rewriting identities: Guerrilla nicknames in the Zimbabwean Guerrilla War (1966-1979)

Discussant: Herbert Barry, III (Univ. Pittsburgh)

1:30 Anthony C. Oha (Ambrose Alli Univ., Nigeria): Onomastic semiotization in Nigerian movies

Discussant: Bruce T. Downing (Univ. MN-Twin Cities)

Publishing and Retrieval of Onomastics

Chair: André Lapierre (Univ. Ottawa)

2:00 Roberta Arney (Univ. TX-El Paso): The Lurline H. Coltharp Collection of Onomastics

Discussant: Grant Smith (E WA Univ.)

2:30 Alan Rayburn (Independent Scholar): Corruption: Excising a pejorative word and its cognates from the onomasticon

Discussant: Donald J. Orth

3:00 Edward Callary (N IL Univ.): Should pronunciations be included in place name dictionaries?

Discussant: Elizabeth Marino (Univ. AK-Fairbanks)

3:30 Lewis L. McArthur (Portland, OR): Advances in publishing technology, placenames, and GNIS Formal and Statistical Properties of Names

Chair: Grant Smith (E WA Univ.)

4:00 Tom McClive (STG for U.S. State Dept) and Mark Arehart (AT&T for U.S. State Dept): Romanization systems, phonemic mapping, and human guesswork: The conflation and splintering of computerized non-English names

4:30 Bruce T. Downing (Univ. MN-Twin Cities): Phonological features of American English given names

Discussant: Herbert Barry, III (Univ. Pittsburgh)

5:00 Kemp Williams (Lang Analysis Sys): Entropy, word length, and cross-linguistic similarity in statistical surname classification


Saturday, 8 January

Invited Plenary Address

9:00 – 10:00 AM

Moderator: Alan Rayburn (Independent Scholar)

Discussant: Edward Callary (N IL Univ.)

Wilbur Zelinsky (PA SU): How we name our enterprises: Decoding the unwritten codes


Chair: Donald J. Orth (US Brd Geog Names)

10:00 André Lapierre (Univ. Ottawa): Rheims, Lyons, and Marseilles: Origin, evolution, and usage

Discussant: Edward Callary (N IL Univ.)

11:00 Elizabeth Marino (Univ. AK-Fairbanks): A landscape in translation: Place names and language shift in White Mountain, AK

Discussant: TBA

11:30 Laurel Sutton (Catchword/UC-Berkeley): Cheddar is from Cheddar, except when it not: Renaming geographical indicators

Discussant: Alan Rayburn (Independent Scholar)

African American Onomastics

Chair: Herbert Barry, III (Univ. Pittsburgh)

12:30 Iman Makeba Laversuch (Univ. Freiburg/Univ. Zurich): The naming patterns of 18th-century runaway African American slaves as featured in the Virginia Gazette, 1736-1776: A corpus linguistic onomastic study

Discussant: Margaret G. Lee (Hampton Univ.)

1:00 Margaret G. Lee (Hampton Univ.): Royalty, respect, and superiority in the titles and/or nicknames of African American music artists

Discussant: Iman Makeba Laversuch (Univ. Freiburg/Univ. Zurich)

Onomastic Trends and Literary Preferences

Chair: Bruce T. Downing (Univ. MN-Twin Cities)

1:30   Denis Huschka (Ger Inst Econ Res/Free Univ. Berlin) and Gert G. Wagner (Ger Inst Econ Res/Berlin Univ. Tech): First names in Germany: An empirical study on frequency distribution patterns since 1900

Discussant: D. K. Tucker (Carleton Univ.)

2:00 D. K. Tucker (Carleton Univ.): Irish names in the US and Eire (Ireland)

2:30 Herbert Barry, III (Univ. Pittsburgh): Male and unusual first names preferred by novelist Harry Sinclair Lewis

Discussant: Grant Smith (E WA Univ.)

3:00 Saundra K. Wright (C SU-Chico): The evolution of Ashley: The feminization of male names

Discussant: Herbert Barry, III (Univ. Pittsburg)

Chinese Onomastics

Chair: Zhonghua Li (Ocean Univ., China)

3:30 Emma Woo Louie (San Mateo, CA): Comparing the Chinese two-character given name to the Anglo-Saxon dithemic name

Discussant: Zhonghua Li (Ocean Univ., China)

4:00 Zhonghua Li (Ocean Univ. , China): One-character given names and two-character Chinese given names

Discussant: Emma Woo Louie (San Mateo, CA)

4:30 Chao-chih Liao (Ntl Univ. Kaohsiung): The names of streets, buildings, and landscapes in Lukang, a historic town in Taiwan

Discussant: TBA

5:00 Jensen Chung (San Francisco SU): Ch’i and shih in names

Discussant: Chao-chih Liao (Ntl Univ. Kaohsiung)