ANS 2007

American Name Society

2007 Annual Meeting

Hilton Anaheim, Anaheim, California

January 4– 7, 2007

Unless otherwise noted, all events take place in Carmel


Thursday, 4 January

Executive Council Meeting

Room: Monterey

12:00 – 3:30 PM

Opening Session

4:00 PM

Cleveland Kent Evans (Bellevue U), President Priscilla A. Ord (McDaniel C), Vice President

“Branding” People and Places

Chair: Cleveland Kent Evans (Bellevue U)

4:30 Saundra K. Wright (CSU-Chico): Too far beyond Jennifer & Jason? Strategies underlying celebrity baby names

5:00 Michel Nguessan (Governors SU) & Bertin Kouadio Yao (U IL-Urbana/Champaign): Ethnic groups, ethnonyms, & cartography: A study of ethnic map-making in Côte-d’Ivoire

5:30 Michel Nguessan (Governors SU) & Bertin Kouadio Yao (U IL-Urbana/Champaign): Why not standardize toponyms in Côte-d’Ivoire?

6:00 Break

Branding Things

Christine DeVinne (Ursuline C)

6:30 Christine DeVinne (Ursuline C): Naming the Goodyear blimp

7:00 Joyce E. Stavick (N GA C & SU): Veganclature: A study of the structure & politics of vegan food names

American Dialect Society/American Name Society Informal Reception

Room: Green

9:00 – 10:30 PM



Friday, 5 January

Names in Literature from Classics to Modern Fiction

Chair: Saundra K. Wright (CSU-Chico)

8:30 Marc Charron (U Québec-Outaouais): Naming in/& translation: Towards a close (transitional) reading of Don Quijote

9:00 Herbert Barry III (U Pittsburgh, Emeritus): Fictional namesakes of author, father, & mother in the novels of Charles Dickens

9:20 Lois Ann Abraham (American River C): Hemingway’s thingamajig

9:40 Cynthia Lyles-Scott (FL Atl U): A slave by any other name

10:00 Tracy R. Butts (CSU-Chico) & Saundra K. Wright (CSU-Chico): Strange fruit: The importance of naming in Jesse Fauset’s “Double Trouble” & The Chinaberry Tree

10:30 Break

Names in Works for the Young and the Young at Heart

Chair: Alleen Pace Nilsen (AZ SU)

11:00 Lindsey N. Chen (USC): A study of onoma in Disney’s Uncle Scrooge

11:30 Alleen Pace Nilsen (AZ SU) & Don L. F. Nilsen (AZ SU): The importance of names & naming practices in books written for young adults

Lunch – Interest Group Gatherings

Place: TBA

12:30 – 2:00 PM

Branding: Kemp Williams (IBM Entity Analytics/Global Name Recognition)

Literary Onomastics: Lois Ann Abraham (American River C)

Names of Places in Literature

Chair: Thomas J. Gasque (U SD, Emeritus)

2:00 Dwan L. Shipley (W WA U): An analysis of the place names used by Marcel Proust in À la recherche du temps perdu

2:30 Dorothy Dodge Robbins (LA Tech U): Mapping the heartland: Upper plains place names in Jon Hassler’s North of Hope

Forms of Address and Courtesy Titles

Chair: Michael F. McGoff (SUNY-Binghamton)

3:00 Karen A. Duchaj (NE IL U) & Jeanine Ntihirageza (NE IL U): Law & Order, “Special Victims Unit”: An ethnographic analysis of address forms

3:30 Donna L. Lillian (E Carolina U): Changing the rules: The struggle over women’s surnames & courtesy titles

4:00 Break

Naming Practices amid Multicultural Differences

Chair: Margaret G. Lee (Hampton U)

4:30 Jürgen Gerhards (Free U-Berlin), Denis Huschka (Ger Inst Econ Res-Berlin), & Gert G. Wagner (Berlin U Tech): Naming differences in divided Germany

5:00 Karen Kow Yip Cheng (U Malaya): Names in multilingual-multicultural Malaysia

American Dialect Society Word of the Year/American Name Society Name of the Year Celebration

Room: Palos Verdes

5:30 – 6:30 PM

Annual Dinner

Place: Tangerine Grill and Patio, 1030 West Katella Ave.

7:00 Social Hour

8:00 Dinner


Saturday, 6 January

Annual Business Meeting

8:30 – 9:30 AM

Chair: Cleveland Kent Evans (Bellevue U), President

Presidential Address

9:30 – 10:15 AM

Cleveland Kent Evans (Bellevue U): From Shelby to Cohen: Seventy years of popular culture influence on American given names

10:15 Break

Native American Personal Names and Naming

Chair: Priscilla A. Ord (McDaniel C)

10:30 Carol Lombard (U South Africa): Niitsitapi personal names & naming practices: A preliminary report

11:00 David D. Robertson (U Victoria): A grammar of Chinook jargon personal names

Invited Plenary Address

11:30 AM – 12:30 PM

Moderator: Kemp Williams (IBM Entity Analytics/Global Name Recognition)

Frank H. Nuessel (U Louisville): The study of names: Past research & future projects

Discussant: Edwin D. Lawson (SUNY-Fredonia, Emeritus)

Lunch – Interest Group Gatherings

Place: TBA

12:30 – 2:00 PM

Personal Names: Saundra K. Wright (CSU-Chico)

Place Names: Alan Rayburn (Alan Rayburn Res Associates)

Phonology in and Pronunciation of Names

Chair: Edwin D. Lawson (SUNY-Fredonia, Emeritus)

2:00 Masahiko Mutsukawa (Nanzan U): Phonological clues in Japanese given names: The masculinity of Riku & the femininity of Kanon & Karin

2:30 Grant W. Smith (E WA U): The influence of name sounds in the congressional elections of 2006

3:00 Farid Alakbarli (Azerbaijan Ntl Acad Scis), Edwin D. Lawson (SUNY-Fredonia, Emeritus), & Richard F. Shell (SUNY- Fredonia, Emeritus): Azeri names: Meaning & pronunciation on the web

3:30 Break

Historical Onomastics

Chair: Michael Adams (IN U)

4:00 Iman Makeba Laversuch (U Cologne): From mulatto to multiracial: An historical onomastic examination of the ethnoracial labels used by the U.S. Census Bureau to classify U.S. residents of African heritage

4:30 Michael Adams (IN U): Assimilation of French-Canadian names into New England speech: Notes from a Vermont cemetery

Place Names: Toponymy Interest Group Roundtable Discussion

Chair: Alan Rayburn (Alan Rayburn Res Associates)

5:00 – 6:00 PM

Executive Council Meeting

6:00 – 7:00 PM


Sunday, 7 January

Popular Culture and Given Names

Chair: Don L. F. Nilsen (AZ SU) Carmel

8:30 Cleveland Kent Evans (Bellevue U): From Jose Maria to Axel & Alondra: Hispanic popular culture & given names in the United States

Onomastic Studies at and from the Academy

Chair: Bruce Brown (Brigham Young U)

9:00 Cassidy Larsen (Brigham Young U), Jessica Scott (Brigham Young U), & James Wuehler (Brigham Young U): American given name markers of decade of birth, geo-location, & gender: A comparison over the past century & a half

9:30 Jonathan Decker (Brigham Young U), Michael Jenkins (Brigham Young U), Leslie E. Koenen (Brigham Young U), & Scott Irvine (Brigham Young U): Decade of birth, geo-location, & gender: A cross-cultural comparison of accuracy of identification for French, German, & Brazilian given names since 1835

10:00 Bruce Brown (Brigham Young U), Hooshang Farahnakian (Brigham Young U), Mary Farahnakian (Brigham Young U), David Gardner (Inst Study Lang & Culture), Deryle Lonsdale (Brigham Young U), & Matthew Spackman (Brigham Young U): Dialectal effects in the pronunciation of Farsi given names

Closing Session

10:30 – 11:00 AM

Cleveland Kent Evans (Bellevue U), President, Priscilla A. Ord (McDaniel C), Vice President