ANS 2021


The American Name Society Annual Meeting for 2021 will be held online using the Crowdcast platform. It is accessible via Mac or PC; the Google Chrome browser will give best results.

We have been working hard to set up a schedule that will work globally, and this means that some presenters will be scheduled at times outside of normal working hours. The schedule below is subject to change depending on speaker availability.

There is a sharable Google doc showing global times in a table format. You can view that document here:

Conference registration is at this link:



Friday, January 22, 2021


Conference Opening Address

1:00-1:30 PM Laurel Sutton (Catchword Branding), Welcome and Opening Remarks

CHAIR: Mirko Casagranda (University of Calabria)

1:30 PM Wojciech Wloskowicz (Polish Academy of Sciences, Krakow, Poland}: General theory of name and naming policy: an outline

2:00 PM Gabriel Frazer-McKee & Patrick Duffley (Laval University, Quebec City, Canada): What type of cognitive mechanism is responsible for the expressed meanings of individual-denoting names in degree adverb constructions? Conclusions from a corpus-driven investigation of the expressed meanings of “very Kurt Cobain”

2:30 PM Russell Fielding (Coastal Carolina University, Myrtle Beach, SC, USA): “A change of name during sickness”: surveying the widespread practice of renaming in response to physical illness

CHAIR: Laurel Sutton (Catchword Branding)

3:00 PM Diane Allen West (University of West Indies, Kingston, Jamaica): I am Human by Name: Onomastic Footprints of Identicide – MOVED TO SATURDAY

3:30 PM Jong-mi Kim (Kangwon National University, Republic of Korea): Phono-onomastics of brand names: What makes brand names sound and look good?

CHAIR: Dorothy Dodge Robbins (Louisiana Tech University)

4:00 PM Lindsey Chen (National Taiwan Normal University, Taipei, Taiwan): Naming Patterns of Pet Boarding Businesses

4:30 PM William Turner (Independent Researcher, Arlington, VA): A Critical Study of Names in MacKinlay Kantor’s Andersonville

5:00 PM Anna Tsepkova (Novosibirsk State Pedagogical University, Novosibirsk, Russia): Functions and Symbolism of Place Names in S. Townsend’s Adrian Mole Diary Series



Saturday, January 23, 2021

Topic: Place Names

CHAIR: Maryann Parada (California State University, Bakersfield)

8:00 AM Phung Thi Thanh Lam (Vietnam National University Ha Noi, Vietnam): Street names in the Vietnam Innovation Context: Politics of Decommemoration, Politics of Toponymic Continuity, or Politics of Building New Future?

[8:30 AM Nazmun Khatun (Kabi Nazrul Government College, Dhaka, Ministry of Education, Bangladesh): Dispel the Confusion: The name of Karatoya River remained the same after a long journey – WITHDRAWN DUE TO ILLNESS]

9:00 AM Anna Isakova (University of Tyumen, Tyumen, Russia): Hybrid names of cafes and restaurants in the communicative space of the city

[9:30 AM Becki Maddock (Permanent Committee on Geographical Names, UK): South Arabian Toponyms WITHDRAWN DUE TO ILLNESS]

9:30 AM Diane Allen West (University of West Indies, Kingston, Jamaica): I am Human by Name: Onomastic Footprints of Identicide – MOVED FROM FRIDAY

10:00 AM Yliana Rodriguez (Leiden University, The Netherlands, & Universidad de la República, Uruguay): Rioplatense Spanish gaucho toponymy in the Falkland Islands

10:30 AM Dr. Iman Nick, Editor-in-Chief of NAMES: The state of the journal and the future of NAMES

CHAIR: Star Vanguri (Nova Southeastern University)

11:00 AM Idowu Odebode (Redeemer’s University, Nigeria: Hair Moniker): A pragma-semiotic study of women hairstyles among the Yoruba Africans

11:30 AM Eduardo de Almeida Navarro (Sao Paulo University, Brazil): A classification of artificial place names in indigenous languages in Brazil

12:00 PM Linda Mëniku (Tirana University, Tirana, Albania): Street names in Tirana

12:30 PM  Break

CHAIR: Christine De Vinne (Ursuline College)

1:00 PM Christine De Vinne (Ursuline College, Cleveland, Ohio, USA): Renaming Cleveland Baseball: A Case Study

1:30 PM Philip Duncan (University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS, USA & Henry Zenk, Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde, Portland, Oregon, USA): Some long overdue linguistic detective work: The origin of the name Willamette

2:00 PM Dennis Noson (Independent Scholar, Seattle, WA, USA): Extravagant Naming: A Map of Concord Places and Thoreau’s “Kalendar” Project

2:30 PM Danielle Cyr (York University, Toronto, ON, Canada): Algonquian Place Names in Canada as ancient narratives about migration roads

3:00 PM Eduardo de Almeida Navarro (Sao Paulo University, Brazil): Place Names with the Tupo Postposition–PE in Brazilian Territory

3:30 PM ANS Annual Business Meeting and Awards Presentation


Sunday, January 24, 2021

9:00 AM: Informal Personal Names SIG Meet-Up
Coordinator: Maryann Parada

Topic: Personal Names

CHAIR: Luisa Caiazzo (University of Basilicata)

10:00 AM Gerrit Bloothooft (Utrecht University, The Netherlands): Given name popularity in The Netherlands since 1790

10:30 AM Clare Green (University of London, UK): A name in each language: creative strategies to naming children in multilingual families

11:00 AM Andrew Harvey (Leiden University, the Netherlands) & Chrispina Alphonse (University of Dodoma, Tanzania): Names and naming in Gorwaa and Iraqw: a typological Tanzanian perspective

11:30 AM Jack Keilo, Sorbonne (Independent Researcher, Créteil, France): The different names of the Levantine Christian community

CHAIR: Sharon Obasi (University of Nebraska Kearney)

[12:00 PM Marie Reiger (University of Bologna, Italy): Names as Indicators of Cultural Heritage  WITHDRAWN DUE TO ILLNESS]

12:00 PM Danielle Cyr (York University, Toronto, ON, Canada): Algonquian Place Names in Canada as ancient narratives about migration roads – Danielle will finish her presentation in this time slot

12:30 PM Ayokunmi Ojebode (Ajayi Crowther University, Nigeria): Africanising Literary Nomina Propria in African Literature: Onomastic Semiosis as a Critical Theory

1:00 PM Dorothy Dodge Robbins (Louisiana Tech University, LA, USA): Pleasant Sounds for Unpleasant Ends: Ngaio Marsh’s “Killer” Names

1:30 PM Brandon Simonson, (Boston University, Boston, MA, USA): Vocabulary of Liberation in Aramaic Personal Names

2:00 PM Alison Dundes Renteln (University of Southern California, Altadena, CA, USA): Name Change as Symbolic Reparation

2:30 PM Break

3:00 PM Cleveland Evans (Bellevue University): Reflections on the History of Name of the Year

3:30 PM Names of the Year Selection, chaired by Laurel Sutton

CHAIR: Dorothy Dodge Robbins (Louisiana Tech University)

4:30 PM Made Sri Satyawati (Udayana University, Bali, Indonesia): Naming System in Balinese: A Lexico-Cultural Approach

5:00 PM Jennifer Meei Yau Wei, Soochow University (Taipei, Taiwan): Naming candidates as preemptive discursive practice: Cases from 2016 and 2020 Taiwan presidential races