ANS 2014

American Name Society

Annual Meeting 2014

Minneapolis Hilton

Minneapolis, Minnesota


Thursday, January 2, 2014

Executive Committee Meeting

Room: Board Room 2

Time: 3:00 – 6:00 PM


Sister Societies Meet and Greet Reception

Sky Water Restaurant, Minneapolis Hilton

Time: 8:00 – 10:00 PM


Friday, January 3



Time Board Room 2 Board Room 3
8:30 Welcome and Opening Remarks

Chair: Donna L. Lillian (Appalachian State University)

9:00 Names and Academia Names and Place I
Chair: Michael McGoff (Binghamton University) Chair: Priscilla Ord (McDaniel College)
9:00 Frank Nuessel (University of Louisville)

Sheri Spaine Long (University of North Carolina, Charlotte)

A Step-by-Step Mini-Workshop for Submission to Scholarly Journals

9:00 Dwan Lee Shipley (Western Washington University)

A Cursory Journey through a Compendium of Place Names in the Doomsday Book of England.


9:30 Yaw Sekyi-Baidoo (The University of Education, Winneba)

Tease-naming Traditions: A Study of Two Secondary Schools in Ghana

9:30 Paul Peterson (University of Minnesota)

Old Norse Nicknames as Linguistic Evidence

10:00-10:15 BREAK BREAK
10:15 Names and Crime Names and Origins
Chair: Lisa Radding (Ethnic Technologies) Chair: Donna L. Lillian (Appalachian State University)
10:15 Iman Nick (University of Cologne)

In the Name of the Führer: A Sociolinguistic Analysis of First Names Given Lebensborn Children within Nazi-Germany

10:15 Priscilla Ord (McDaniel College)

The Origin [of the Name] of the [Genus and the] Species: Honoring Actors, Musicians, and other well-known Personalities

10:45 Brad Wilcox (Brigham Young University)

Sharon Black (Brigham Young University)

Brad Platt (Arizona State Prison)

Nicknames in Prison: Meaning and Manipulation of Inmates’ Monikers

10:45 Cleveland Evans (Bellevue University)

The Story of Hank and Chuck: The Development of Two Short Forms

11:15-11:30 BREAK BREAK
11:30 Names of the Year Selection
Chair: Cleveland Kent Evans (Bellevue University)
12:30-2:00 Lunch Break

Personal/ Literary Names Interest Group Lunches (Place & Leaders TBA)


Friday, January 3


Time Board Room 2 Board Room 3
2:00 Keynote Address:

Brendan Fairbanks

University of Minnesota – Twin Cities

Ojibwe Name Giving

Chair: Iman Nick (University of Cologne)

3:00-3:15 BREAK BREAK
3:15 Names and Patterns I Names and Place II
Chair: Iman Nick (University of Cologne)


Chair: Dorothy Robbins (Louisiana Tech University)
3:15 Steven Liddle, Stephen Watjen, and

Kemp Williams (IBM Corporation)

Improved Name Search Using Optimized Bitmap Signatures

3:45 Mirko Casagranda (University of Calabria)

Officially Bilingual? The French and English Odonyms of Toronto and Montreal

4:30-5:30 Names and Europe 4:30-5:30 Names and Asia I
Chair: Brad Wilcox (Brigham Young University) Chair: Dwan Lee Shipley (Western Washington University)
4:30 Anja Bruhn (University of Potsdam and German Data Forum)

Labor Market and Given Names in Germany

4:30 Enkhbat Dashdondog (National University of Mongolia)

Socio-cultural Factors in Naming Mongolians

5:00 Anja Bruhn (University of Potsdam and German Data Forum)

Denis Huschka (German Institute for Economic Research)

Gert Wagner (German Institute for Economic Research)

Socio-economic Patterns as Context for Given Names Choices in Germany

5:00 Giancarla Unser-Schutz (Rissho University)

Selecting Data on Names: City Newsletters as a Resource for Japanese Names Research



5:30 – 6:30 p.m. Words of the Year Vote (with American Dialect Society)

Room: Symphony II/III



Saturday, January 4


Time Board Room 2
8:30 Names and Asia II
Chair: Lisa Radding (Ethnic Technologies)
8:30 Yi-An Jason Chen (University of Florida)

How Taiwanese Pet Owners Choose Names for their Dogs

9:30 BREAK
9:45 Names and Africa
Chair: Kemp Williams (IBM Corporation)
9:45 Bertie Neethling (University of the Western Cape, South Africa)

Could Xhosa Personal Name-giving be Considered a part of Indigenous Knowledge Systems (IKS)

10:15 Oluwadamilare Atolagbe (Nigerian Institute of Public Relations)

A Morphological Analysis of the Structure of Yoruba Personal Names

10:45 Yaw Sekyi-Baidoo (The University of Education, Winneba)

Delexicalization and Proper Names

11:15 BREAK
11:30 ANS Annual Business Meeting and Awards Presentation

Chair: Donna L. Lillian (Appalachian State University)

12:30-1:30 Lunch Break

Trade Names/ Place Names Interest Group Lunches (Place and Leaders TBA)


Saturday, January 4


Time Board Room 2
1:30 Names and Literature
Chair: Priscilla Ord (McDaniel College)
1:30 Kenneth Robbins (Louisiana Tech University)

Contemporary Authors: The Naming of Their Fictional Characters and Places

2:00 Michael Adams (Indiana University at Bloomington)

The Course of a Particular: Names and Narrative in the Works of Joseph Mitchell

2:30 Donna L. Lillian (Appalachian State University)

Lorelei Logsdon (East Carolina University)

Girl Characters’ Name-Numbers in ‘The Ozark Trilogy’

3:00-3:15 BREAK
3:15 Names and Women
Chair: Ernest L. Abel (Wayne State University)
3:15 Dorothy Robbins (Louisiana Tech University)

R is for Rebecca: A Consonant and Consummate Haunting

3:45 Lorelei Logsdon (East Carolina University)

Trends in English Transparent Virtue Names

4:15 Herbert Barry III (University of Pittsburgh)

Aylene S. Harper (Community College of Alleghany County, Pennsylvania)

Gender Differentiation of Final Letters in Personal Names

4:45-5:30 BREAK


5:30-6:30 ANS Executive Committee Meeting
7:30-10:00 ANS Conference Dinner

Sky Water Restaurant Minneapolis Hilton

1001 Marquette Ave S., Minneapolis