ANS 2015

American Name Society Annual Meeting – 2015

Hilton Portland & Executive Tower

Portland, Oregon


Thursday, January 8, 2015

Executive Committee Meeting

Salon Ballroom II: 3:00 – 6:00 PM


Friday, January 9


Time Salon Ballroom II Salon Ballroom III
9:00-9:30 Welcome and Opening Remarks

Chair: Donna L. Lillian (Appalachian State University)

9:30-11:00 Names and Literature I Names and Place I
Chair: Mirko Casagranda (University of Calabria) Chair: Michael McGoff (Binghamton University)
9:30 Dwan Lee Shipley (Western Washington University)

A Linguistic and Historical Comparative Analysis of Acadian Place Names in Canada and the United States


10:00 Grant Smith (Eastern Washington University)

Names as Signs in The Taming of the Shrew

10:00 David Robertson (University of Victoria)

Naming Chinook Jargon

10:30 Christine Devinne (Notre Dame of Maryland University)

The Dickens you say: Names in household words

10:30 Peter Jordan (Austrian Academy of Sciences)

The Endonym: A Social-geographical Approach to an Iridescent Term

11:00-11:30 BREAK BREAK
11:30-12:45 Names of the Year Selection

Chair: Cleveland Kent Evans (Bellevue University)

Personal/ Literary Names Interest Group Lunches (Place and Leaders TBA)


Friday, January 9


Time Salon Ballroom II Salon Ballroom III
2:00 Presidential Address: Donna L. Lillian (Appalachian State University)

Chair: Carol Lombard (University of the Free State)

3:00-3:15 BREAK BREAK
3:15 Names and Time Names and Place III
Chair: Christine Devinne (Notre Dame of Maryland University)


Chair: Dwan Lee Shipley (Western Washington University)
3:15 Anja Collazo (Kyoto University)

A Diachronic Look at Japanese First Names

3:15 Konrad Rybka (University of Amsterdam)

Place names and Places: An Exploration of a Lokono Place-naming System

3:45 Maryann Parada (University of Illinois at Chicago)

Name ethnicity as a factor in perceptions of U.S. Latinos’ Spanish language abilities

3:45 Rosamond Rodman (California State University, Northridge)

Biblical Placenames: ScriptuRalizing the U.S.

4:15 Cleve Evans (Bellevue University)

The Uniqueness of Utah Names: An Update After 14 Years

4:15 Luisa Caiazzo (University of Naples )

Plotting Identity and Subjectivity: The Bombay/Mumbai Naming Controversy

4:45-5:00 BREAK 4:45-5:00 BREAK


5:30 – 6:30 p.m. Words of the Year Vote (with American Dialect Society)

Room: Skyline I



Saturday, January 10


Time Salon Ballroom 1I Salon Ballroom III
8:30-9:30 Names and Gender Names, Ethnicity, and Origins I
Chair: Priscilla Ord (McDaniel College) Chair: Mirko Casagranda (University of Calabria)
8:30 Herbert Barry III (University of Pittsburgh)

The Masculine Ending of Name of Wife of The USA Presidents

9:00 Yi-An Jason Chen (University of Florida)

The Rise and Fall of Female Personal Names in Taiwan: 1980-2013

9:00 Michel Nguessan (Governors State University)

Sidiki Bamba (Université FHB de Cocody, Côte-d’Ivoire)

Disambiguation of Personal Names Among the Baoulé and the Malinké of Cote-d’Ivoire

9:30-9:45 BREAK 9:30-9:45 BREAK
9:45-11:15 Names and Literature III 9:45-11:15 Names, Ethnicity, and Origins II
Chair: Carol Lombard (University of the Free State) Chair: Lisa Radding (Ethnic Technologies)
9:45 Olav Veka (Hamar University College)

Scandinavian Surnames in the US: Do They Convey a National Origin?

10:15 Dorothy Dodge Robbins (Louisiana Tech University)

The Biographer’s Tale: A Taxonomy of Names and Namers

10:15 Michel Nguessen (Governors State University)

The Traditional Concept of Family Among the Baoulé of Cote-d’Ivoire

10:45 Nancy Coleman (Hamar katedralskole)

Given Names from Norse Mythology


11:15-11:30 BREAK 11:15-11:30 BREAK
11:30-12:30 ANS Annual Business Meeting and Awards Presentation

Chair: Donna L. Lillian (Appalachian State University)

12:30-1:30 Lunch Break

Trade Names/ Place Names Interest Group Lunches (Place and Leaders TBA)

Saturday, January 10


Time Ballroom II Ballroom III
1:30-2:30 Guest Lecture: Jennifer Moss (

How the Internet has changed Baby Naming

Chair: Iman Nick (University of Cologne)

2:30-2:45 BREAK BREAK
2:45-3:15 Names and Products I Names and Academia
Chair: Michael McGoff (Binghamton University) Chair: Donna Lillian (Appalachian State University)
2:45 Carol Lombard (University of the Free State)

The Socio-onomastic Role of American Cattle Brands: A Regional Case Study

2:45 Meilin Zhan (University of California, San Diego)

Chinese Students and their English/Anglicized Names

3:15 James Major (Northeastern Illinois University)

Racial Phylogeny: Fantasy naming conventions in video games

3:15 Iman Nick (University of Cologne).

I would never give my child that name!: A Sociolinguistic Investigation of Modern German University Students’ Perceptions of Names Popular During the Third Reich

3:45-4:00 BREAK 3:45-4:00 BREAK
4:00-5:30 Names and Products II 4:00  
Chair: Kemp Williams (IBM Corporation)


4:00 Nancy Friedman (

Christopher Johnson (The Name Inspector)

Namifying Trendily: Why Startup businesses Choose Copycat Names

4:30 Laurel Sutton (

Dr Pepper, Dr Skipper, and Dr Bob: The Rise of Private Label Soda Brands

5:00 Nancy Friedman (

Velvet Elvis at the Mary Mart: The New-Normal Nomenclature of Legal Cannabis

5:30-5:45 BREAK
5:45-6:45 ANS Executive Committee Meeting
7:30-10:00 ANS Conference Dinner

Mother’s Bistro & Bar, 212 SW Stark Street