Call for Papers: University of Warsaw Lexicography Conference

16567745718_afe493a9d1_mThe University of Warsaw has announced an upcoming lexicography conference called “Key Words / Słowa klucze / Schlüssel-Wörter.” The purpose of the conference is to bring together different methodologies and levels of language/discourse analysis.

The deadline for 300-word abstract submissions is August 31, 2016. The conferences languages are English, Polish, and German. Interested author are asked to email their abstracts to [].

A select group of accepted presentations will later be published in the journal “Tekst i Dyskurs” / “Text und Diskurs.”

Call for Papers: 19th Century Lexicography Conference, Stanford, California, April 6-7, 2018

6304394866_72d4d54060_mThe 19th Century Lexicography Conference will be held from the 6th to the 7th of April, 2018, at Stanford University in California. The aim of the conference is to compare dictionary-making in Europe, the Americas, Asia, the Pacific and beyond to discern inter- and intralingual lexicographical pattern. Interested contributors are asked to send abstracts by the 1st of September 2016 to Sarah Ogilvie ( and Gabriella Safran ( Abstracts may be no longer than 300 words (excluding references).

About Icelandic Names

848912720_f1aeeaba68_mThe European Soccer Cup may be over for Iceland, but Europe’s fascination with the tiny island nation with the giant volcanoes is just getting started. In particular, the Europeans have become obsessed with Icelandic naming patterns. To feed this onomastic frenzy, the past few months have seen an unprecedented proliferation of online sites designed to help would-be Vikings generate their very own Icelandic name. Along with these fun e-sites, traditional websites devoted to the history and meaning of Icelandic names have also witnessed a huge increase in visitors. Want to see what all the fun is about? We have compiled a list of e-sources for you:

AutoCarto 2016 from the Cartography and Geographic Information Society, Albuquerque, New Mexico, September 14-16, 2016

14370462841_9f328d4c29_mWhat could be better than a few days of sun, fun, and cartography? If you agree, the Cartography and Geographic Information Society has just the event for you!

From the 14th to the 16th of September 2016, the Society will be holding AutoCarto 2016, a symposium in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Visit the website for additional information about the conference, the scientific presentations, and scheduled workshops.

New Publication Released on Estonian Place Names

12238104105_2c42c9703f_mNames scholars and enthusiasts with a special interest in all things Estonian will be excited to learn that a new publication on Estonia toponyms has been recently released. Eesti kohanimeraamat, aka The Book of Estonian Place Names, offers readers over 6000 entries over 1,000 pages on the pronunciation, grammar, and history of Estonian toponyms, written, spoken, and signed. Read more about this resource in Estonian.

Call for Papers: Journal of Nubian Studies Issue on “Nubian Place Names”

8555923402_a9d01c2eb7_mA call for papers has been issued by the Journal of Nubian Studies on the topic of “Nubian Place Names”. For this special issue, the term “Nubia” is being defined as including both the Middle Nile Valley (from Aswan to the Gezira) as well as the peripheral regions of Nubia (i.e. the Eastern Desert, Kordorfar, Dafur, etc.). Submissions may address macrotoponyms as well as microtopoynms. The deadline for abstract submission is the 31st of September 2016. For more on this call, contact either Robin Seignobos [] or Alexandros Tsakos [].

19th International Conference on Linguistic Theory and Lexicology (ICLT), Sydney, Australia, January 26-27, 2017

2553569080_eaca740043_mThe 19th International Conference on Linguistic Theory and Lexicology (ICLT) will be held from the 26th to the 27th of January 2017 in Sydney, Australia. The purpose of the ICLT conference is to bring together scientists, educators, and practitioners to share and discuss the most recent innovations, trends, and challenges from the fields of Linguistic Theory and Lexicology. Post conference proceedings will be abstracted and indexed in the International Science Index, Scopus, and Thomson Reuters.