Noteworthy Domain Name Decisions for 2016

3044867827_6e619a0f80_mWe are only in first quarter of 2016 and already there have been several landmark decisions in the area of domain naming. An excellent example is the January 27, 2016 case Diamond Trust Consultancy (UK) Limited v. Kim, James. In this litigation, the court ruled that “registrations of lapsed or abandoned domain names returned to the general pool are not vulnerable to forfeiture simply because by happenstance the names correspond to trademarks…”. To learn more about this and other important domain name rulings in 2016, read the summary by Gerald M. Levine, author of Domain Name Arbitration.

US Name Change Law by State

5357697468_823ace3f56_mAfter the cake has been cut and the presents opened, many modern newlyweds decide to follow the tradition of taking their spouse’s name. While the decision to alter one’s last name can be bitter-sweet emotionally, the logistics involved in making the onomastic switch can lead many to despair. To help out newlyweds out, the website has assembled useful information state-by-state.

England’s Rudest Street Names

6855121378_6d33ff5bd5_mCoronation Street and Notting Hill, Number 10 Downing Street and Strawberry Fields, the place names of England are famous for their charm. But not all English toponyms are positively regal. In fact, some are just the opposite. Find out more about some of what the BBC has labelled “England’s rudest street names.”