Study finds waiting for baby names could lead to medical mistake

800px-3_week_old_swaddled_infantResearchers have confirmed the importance of naming a new baby right away. A new baby needs a distinctive name on his/her medical bracelet to ensure he/she receives the right medical treatment. The study devised a new system that generates unique identifier names for, as of yet, unnamed newborns. The research team hopes this new method will lower the rate of medical errors.

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New Zealand releases list of banned names

13035553_4f501d4f94_mThe New Zealand Department of Internal Affairs has just released its official listing of banned baby names for 2014. Among this year’s onomastic rejects are the names: Christ, Lucifer, Juztice, Anal, and 09. Other onomastic creations which the NZ officials blocked tackled in years past include: Mafia No Fear, 4Real, D, M, 89, Mr., II, III, T V8.

According to officials, the primary motivation for banning a baby name is if it is felt to be offensive. However, names which are judged to be “unreasonably” long can also get the hatchet. For example, in 2008, a NZ couple was given court orders to change the phrasal name they had chosen for their baby girl: Talula Does the Hula From Hawaii. On the other end of the spectrum, NZ authorities have also put a stop to names which were deemed impossibly short. For example, parents who wanted to give their children the symbols “.” and “*” were also stopped.

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MyHeritage Launches Breakthrough Global Name Translation™ Technology to Power Family History Discoveries, a website for discovering, preserving and sharing family history, recently launched Global Name Translation™, a new technology that translates historical records and family trees between languages. This will allow matches between names in different languages, and enable users to access more search results than ever before. The technology covers first names and surnames, and can work with names it has never encountered before.

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Chiraq: Controversy erupts over Spike Lee’s new film

18651701188_df7ee90792_mFilm Director Spike Lee is certainly no stranger to controversy. However, with his latest film project, the cinematic maverick sparked anger, even before the cameras begun to roll. At the very center of this debate is the name which Lee has selected for his newest work: Chiraq, a toponymic word blend between the city name Chicago and the country name Iraq.

While critics worry that Lee’s name choice heralds a film which will glorify the violence in Chicago’s streets, supporters state that the movie name Chiraq brilliantly brings attention to the grim reality facing Urban America.

As the controversy over the appropriateness of the name continues to rage, the name itself has already entered public, contemporary discourse. According to the Urban Dictionary, an online lexicon with more than 6 million entries uploaded by the internet community, the name chiraq currently has more than three times as many likes than dislikes.

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Central State U. may remove Bill Cosby’s name from journalism center

4220978828_ef9cb2e1e3_mIn light of the recent release of a 2005 court testimony in which US American comedian Bill Cosby admitted to having drugged young women with the intent of having sexual relations with them, Central State University (CSU), a historically black university in Ohio, has announced that it may well change the name of the Cosby Mass Communications Center.

According to an email which CSU President, Cynthia Jackson-Hammond sent to USA Today, “although the Cosby name on the campus radio station is representative of the Cosby family, we are extremely sensitive of the effect that it may have on student, alums and the community”. Until an official decision has been reached, the CSU administration has agreed to cover up the surname Cosby with pictures of the University logo. Administrators anticipate making a final decision in this onomastic controversy this Autumn.

Other prominent organizations are also discussing the possible removal of the comedian’s surname from their honor roll. For example, the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce has also received multiple petitions to remove the Cosby name from the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Chamber Officials have announced that despite significant public pressure, they will not remove Cosby’s name.

At present, Cosby has been accused of sexually assaulting or abusing over 20 women.

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Long Beach Unified School Board Approves Creation of Committee to Rename Schools

Following last month’s Charleston, South Carolina church shooting, and the ensuing criticism for having schools names after Confederate heroes such as Robert E. Lee, the Long Beach Unified School Board approved the creation of a committee tasked with naming schools. The committee will vet potential names for new schools, review names of existing schools, and establish a process for renaming schools.… Read More

Confederate base names won’t be changed

15226420774_7f04fcf8a8_mThe Pentagon has released an official statement that there are no plans to change the names of US American military bases named after Confederate leaders. The statement comes in reaction to the recent decision by the South Carolinian government to retire the Confederate flag, known as the Southern Cross.

A few examples of Confederate leaders whose surnames were chosen for now famous US American forts are: Benning, Polk, Bragg, Hood, and Lee. In a recent interview with CNN, the Army Chief of Public Affairs, Brigadier General Malcolm Frost, explained the logic behind the original selection of these surnames. According to Officer Frost, at the end of the Civil War, which claimed nearly 2% of the total national population, these names were purposefully chosen by the United States government “in the spirit of reconciliation, not division.” That being the case, Frost speculates that it is highly unlikely that the names of these military bases will change.

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30 Rock Officially Renamed Comcast Building

5246997351_4b75f1320a_mOne of New York’s architectural icons, the 70 story skyscraper at 30 Rockefeller Plaza, now has a new name: The Comcast Building.

This is third time that the skyscraper has undergone an onomastic overhaul. Starting in the late 1930’s, the building was first known as the RCA Building. The Art Deco monolith carried this name for nearly five decades until it was renamed for its new owner, GE, in 1988.

Despite the grandeur of the 11-foot technicolor peacock which now adorns the new Comcast moniker, most New York natives will probably continue to refer to the building with the insider name, 30 Rock. This affectionate nickname is derived from tower’s address 30 Rockefeller Plaza, where each Christmas the lights of a mammoth conifer light up Rockefeller Plaza ice skating rink.

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Odile retired from list of potential hurricane names

15072362777_0d9be9d5d5_mThe World Meteorological Organization (WMO) has officially removed another name from its official list of storm monikers. According to officials, the name Odile is retired out of respect for the 11 people who perished in the 2014 Hurricane which slammed across the Baja Peninsula.

The other name to be taken off of the WMO list was Isis, given its inescapable resemblance to the name of the terrorist organization charged by the UN for committing war crimes.

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