Central State U. may remove Bill Cosby’s name from journalism center

4220978828_ef9cb2e1e3_mIn light of the recent release of a 2005 court testimony in which US American comedian Bill Cosby admitted to having drugged young women with the intent of having sexual relations with them, Central State University (CSU), a historically black university in Ohio, has announced that it may well change the name of the Cosby Mass Communications Center.

According to an email which CSU President, Cynthia Jackson-Hammond sent to USA Today, “although the Cosby name on the campus radio station is representative of the Cosby family, we are extremely sensitive of the effect that it may have on student, alums and the community”. Until an official decision has been reached, the CSU administration has agreed to cover up the surname Cosby with pictures of the University logo. Administrators anticipate making a final decision in this onomastic controversy this Autumn.

Other prominent organizations are also discussing the possible removal of the comedian’s surname from their honor roll. For example, the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce has also received multiple petitions to remove the Cosby name from the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Chamber Officials have announced that despite significant public pressure, they will not remove Cosby’s name.

At present, Cosby has been accused of sexually assaulting or abusing over 20 women.

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