Confederate base names won’t be changed

15226420774_7f04fcf8a8_mThe Pentagon has released an official statement that there are no plans to change the names of US American military bases named after Confederate leaders. The statement comes in reaction to the recent decision by the South Carolinian government to retire the Confederate flag, known as the Southern Cross.

A few examples of Confederate leaders whose surnames were chosen for now famous US American forts are: Benning, Polk, Bragg, Hood, and Lee. In a recent interview with CNN, the Army Chief of Public Affairs, Brigadier General Malcolm Frost, explained the logic behind the original selection of these surnames. According to Officer Frost, at the end of the Civil War, which claimed nearly 2% of the total national population, these names were purposefully chosen by the United States government “in the spirit of reconciliation, not division.” That being the case, Frost speculates that it is highly unlikely that the names of these military bases will change.

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