Call for Papers: “Languages Memory”, Language Acts and Worldmaking, London, UK, June 13-14 2018

The first conference by Language Acts and Worldmaking will be held at Bush House, London from the 13th to the 14th of June 2018. This conference, called “Languages Memory”, will be devoted to exploring the ways in which languages are experienced, taught, and researched. The call for papers is now open and can be found here. The deadline for the call for papers is 15 December 2017.

Here are some key themes and ideas for proposals:

  • Worldmaking and languages
  • History, legacy and future of UK, EU and international languages policies and comparative perspectives
  • Language ideologies and pedagogies
  • Languages in moments of crisis
  • New ecologies of memory
  • Digital methods and memory practices in relation to Modern Languages
  • Technologies of language learning across time
  • Languages and coloniality; the postcolonial and the transnational
  • Languages and the archive; mnemonics and memory palaces
  • Lost languages, linguicide, and future languages
  • Remembering language as play
  • Diasporic communities and language memory