Update on the ANS 2024 Annual Conference

After much discussion, the ANS-EC has decided to break from tradition in 2024. Rather than holding one annual conference in January, we plan to hold several events over the course of the year:

January: We will hold the Name of the Year discussion (date TBD). This event will be free and last approximately 2 hours.

February: We will hold a one-day conference, possibly in partnership with another scholarly organization focused on onomastics. When we have a Call for Papers, we will send it out to the ANS membership.

Summer/Fall: We expect to hold at least one more one-day conference, which might be focused on onomastics in Europe or Asia. We have many members in China, Korea, and Japan, and we think a conference that is suited to the Pacific time zone would be welcomed!

Stay tuned for more information on our planned activities in 2024!