2017 Year’s End Baby Name News: Santa, Angel, and Swati

At the Nameberry blog, Claire Bristow writes about Christmas babies, thankful names for miracle babies, and inspiration from high society. Here are some highlights:

In England, Santa visited a hospital – to give birth. It made the news when a mother called Santa had a baby girl called Rebeka on Christmas day, but it’s not an uncommon name in the mother’s home country of Latvia: it was in the top 100 until 2010.

Mindy Kaling has revealed her daughter Katherine’s middle name, Swati – the name of Mindy’s late mother.

Parents in England have named their daughter Abbey Raye Loxley: Abbey after a doctor named Abey who helped with their fertility treatment, Raye as in a ray of sunshine, and Loxley after a clinic they used.

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