Award for Best Article in Names: A Journal of Onomastics 2019

The 2019 Award Winner is:

Dr. Sharon Obasi

Sharon N. Obasi, Richard Mocarski, Natalie Holt, Debra A. Hope, Nathan Woodruff, “Renaming Me: Assessing the Influence of Gender Identity on Name Selection” NAMES 67(4): 199-211.

Among the many accolades this piece of outstanding onomastic scholarship received, the NAMES Board Members praised this publication for its thematic originality, substantive methodology, and potential to draw attention to an area of onomastic research in need of further investigation. Moreover, the article was highly commended for its insightful yet sensitive exploration of an issue of great relevance for a segment of the world’s population that is often overlooked and denigrated. Consequently, as one Board member extolled, this article has the power to contribute to the protection of human rights, while championing the importance of diversity and self-determination. Indeed, as one Board Member stressed, given the high number of readers who have already downloaded this scholarship, it is clear that this work deeply “resonates with a wider community” and therefore promises to increase societal interest in the field of onomastics – one of the primary goals of the American Name Society.