Britain’s business naming habits

To shed some light on company naming habits, Premier Business Care have conducted research into the thousands of UK businesses registered at Companies House. The results, published in London Loves Business, are intriguing!

The findings show that 62 UK companies cited ‘Brexit’ within their business names during 2017, potentially being forward-thinking for March 2019. Regionally, Scottish are most proud of their heritage, with the term ‘Scotland’ or ‘Scottish’ (9,888) cited within business names 3 times more than ‘Britain’ and ‘British’ (3,129) and being 4 times more popular than ‘England or English’ (2,438).

When looking at Sons Vs Daughters in company names, a staggering 16,859 include the words ‘Son’ or ‘Sons’ In contrast, only 320 names include the word ‘Daughter’.

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