Call for Contributors: A pre-handbook on literary onomastics

A book project entitled “A pre-handbook on literary onomastics” is looking for contributors. The book is a project of Martyna Katarzyna Gibka, a literary onomastician. The purpose of the book to present theories, tools, their application, and ideas for theoretical development of this field as well as remarks of people who contributed to literary onomastic and literary translation onomastics in a practical way. Researchers who are interested in potentially contributing to this work are asked to complete an official application form, which can be found at Gibka’s website.

Contributors include:

Richard Coates (England)
Karina van Dalen-Oskam (the Netherlands)
Martyna Katarzyna Gibka (Poland)
Žaneta Dvořáková (Czech Republic)
Gilles Quentel (Brittany)