Call for Papers: The Journal of Urban Studies Special Issue on Naming

Jacob Burckhardt Haus, Zwimpfer & Partner/Donald JuddThe journal of Urban Studies is planning a special issue on “Naming Rights and the Cultural Landscapes of Neoliberal Urbanism.” The purpose of this issue is to critically examine the use of naming rights as a spatial strategy of neoliberal urbanism.

Authors interested in contributing to this publication are invited to submit a 200-word abstract to [] by August 15, 2016.

Proposals which address one of the following themes are particularly encouraged:

  • political struggles over the planning, adoption, and implementation of urban naming rights policies, programs, or agreements
  • economic outcomes of urban naming rights programs in cities of varying sizes
  • the cultural reception of commodified place names in everyday speech and the spatial imaginaries of everyday urban life
  • the relationship between urban naming rights and broader processes of neoliberal urbanization.

In-depth case studies and comparative urban analyses are equally welcome.