Can you guess these celebrities’ birth names?

Celebrities are (in)famous for selecting unusual names for their children. When one considers the fact that many of these highly creative parental name-givers were born with conspicuously non-conspicuous names themselves, this pattern becomes even more intriguing.

Can you guess which celebrities had the following names on their original birth certificate?

  • Calvin Broadus
  • Shawn Carter
  • Thomas DeCarlo Callaway
  • Alicia Cook
  • Robyn Fenty
  • Elizabeth Woolridge Grant
  • Ben Haggerty
  • Peter Hernandez
  • Paul Hewson
  • Curtis Jackson
  • Alecia Moore


While you are thinking about it, here are some recent ear-catching names for celebrity baby names:

  • Kim Kardashian and Kayne West named their daughter “North”.
  • Ed Norton and Shauna Robertson named their son “Atlas”.
  • Mark Owen and Emma Ferguson selected the animal name “Fox”.
  • Kate Winslet and Ned Rocknroll (yes, that is his last name) selected the name “Bear”.


Oh, did you still want those answers? Okay, it you insist. Here they are

  • Calvin Broadus – Snoop Dog
  • Shawn Carter – Jay Z
  • Thomas DeCarlo Callaway – Cee Lo Green
  • Alicia Cook – Alicia Keys
  • Robyn Fenty – Rihanna
  • Elizabeth Woolridge Grant – Lana Del Ra
  • Ben Haggerty – Macklemore
  • Peter Hernandez – Bruno Mars
  • Paul Hewson – Bono
  • Curtis Jackson – 50 Cent
  • Alecia Moore – Pink