Christian Literary Studies Group (CLSG) Conference: Homiletics / The Game of the Name, Oxford, November 7, 2015

6009799407_cbf12106a1_mOn the 7th of November 2015, the Christian Literary Studies Group (CLSG) will be holding a conference entitled “Homiletics / The Game of the Name” at Corpus Christi College, Oxford (UK). The purpose of the CLSG is to explore the Christian faith via literary analysis.

This year’s conference will explore the significance of names and naming in Biblical texts. Some of the scheduled presentations include:

  • “Christian Names: some aspects of literary onomastics in early English literature”, Dr Paul Cavill, University of Nottingham
  • “Robert Southwell’s sermon The Triumphs over Death”, Dr Mike Nolan, La Trobe University, Melbourne
  • “Wuldorfæder and Heofenrices Weard: The Names of God in Old English Poetry”, Samuel Cardwell, Cambridge

The attendance fee for non-members is £18.  Click here for more information about the conference and to learn about the CLSG Journal, The Glass.