Creatively named vegetable characters at “Foody” Expo Milano 2015

2886287153_ccf6c3119f_mUntil the 31st of October this year, the Expo Milano 2015 is being in Italy. A global showcase for more than 120 participating nations, the purpose of the expo is to spotlight technological answers to concrete problems facing the planet today.

This theme of this year’s expo is “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life”. In honor of this  agricultural theme, the Expo organizers commissioned the creation of a special mascot to greet the more than 20 million people expected to attend this year’s event Named “Foody”. The animated mascot is described on the official Expo website as “honest, wise, respectful” and a fan of “healthy, tasty food.”

Teaming up with Foody are a smorgasbord of other edible vegetable characters, all adorned with fanciful food names. For example, Julienne Zucchini, Max Maize, and Rodolfo Fig. Click here to see the entire collection of veggie ambassadors.