Drop Bear Lane gets go-ahead in New South Wales, Australia

PHOTO: An artist’s impression of the mythical drop bear. (Wikimedia Commons: Yamavu (own work))

A community in north-western New South Wales is preparing to unveil a street named after an icon of Australian folklore. The “drop bear” is said to be a reclusive animal that shies away from roads and humans — but it is a different story at Upper Moore Creek near Tamworth where a road will be named after the mythical creature.

Tamworth Mayor Col Murray said reaction to the proposal had been positive and overwhelming. “It’s just something that’s attracted a lot of interest from people,” he said. “One of the consistent comments was that we tend to get very staid and very serious and ultraconservative about our road names and street names and things. This was thought to be a great thing to introduce a bit of light-heartedness.”