German Couple Can’t Legally Name Their Kid “Lucifer”

Statue of Lucifer in Liège Cathedral. White marble by Guillaume Geefs

A couple from Germany was denied the ability to name their child Lucifer after the government determined that it was an inappropriate name to give to a child. The new parents reportedly wanted to name their child Lucifer because of its Latin origins. The name Lucifer actually means “morning star” or “light-bringing”, but has now become synonymous with evil because it was the angel’s proper name before he decided to rebel against God. Due to Lucifer’s demonic association, the Association for the German Language has deemed the name to be too problematic to give to a child.

Germany does not have any official laws banning names but officials do have the ability to deny name requests if they feel the name is inappropriate or potentially dangerous for the child. The official can consult with the Association for the German Language to confirm the problematic nature of the name and if the couple refuses to back down, the issue then heads to court.

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