Immersive Entertainment: What’s next, and what to name it?

Riders getting their VR equipment ready for The New Revolution at Six Flags Magic Mountain.

What is immersive entertainment? The term can cover everything from the VR attraction The Void, to Sleep No More, to a months-long alternate reality game and immersive theater hybrid like The Lust Experience. It’s also being used to describe new real-world, participatory experiences at theme parks. Recently, Disney surveyed customers about a new name for its Florida-based Hollywood Studios. “Enter this newly named Disney Theme Park and completely immerse yourself in the realm of some of your favorite stories,” the survey read, promising guests the chance to “step into imagined worlds made real, and take the lead in an adventure that surrounds you at every turn.” The awkward names they got highlight the problem of immersive entertainment: How to label it in a way that allows customers to understand what their ticket will get them? Read this article at the Verge to learn more.