In Australia, the six options for choosing your baby’s surname

It used to be the rule that children would take on their paternal surname – but no more. A range of options are on the rise, whether that be for children of heterosexual or same-sex couples.

Lorelei Vashti, author of How to Choose Your Baby’s Last Name: A Handbook for New Parents, says there is no one-size-fits-all approach for what she calls “the baby surname dilemma”, because people are motivated by different values. For some, family unity and identity are most important, but for others gender equity and fairness are the priority.

Vashti said there are six options when it comes to naming your child:

  • Father’s surname
  • Mother’s surname
  • Hyphenation, or a double-barrelled surname (without a hyphen)
  • Alternating the two parents’ surnames between siblings
  • Combining the two surnames into a portmanteau or blended surname
  • Making up a completely new surname

To find out more about these options, and how they’re viewed by society, click through to this article at ABC News.