Indigenous Brand Names In Nigeria

Anakle is a digital design agency in Nigeria. This blog by Ifeoma Jukpor, a member of their content team, looks at ingenious indigenous brand names in Nigeria – with a wonderful personal touch. Here’s a sample:

As my Uber rolled down Admiralty way in Lekki that sunny afternoon, I spotted a travel agency called WAKANOW. I said it aloud to myself twice and then I smiled as it immediately came to me. Waka is a Nigerian creole word which refers to the verb “walk”. It also has a compound form called waka-waka referring to a restless person, or in this context, an itinerant. I was quite impressed with the business owners after I did my analysis. The business could have been called Fly services, or something funky, but I cannot ignore the call to action in the business name. So, I’ll walk into a WAKANOW office with the believe that these guys can get me moving in no time.

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