Linkin Park, the band formerly known as Hybrid Theory

The Merriam Webster Dictionary defines a “hybrid” as the “offspring of two […] different varieties, species, or genera”; or “something heterogeneous in origin in composition”. It is this definition that fits the musical and philosophical origins of the band Linkin Park. Beloved by millions of fans for their transformative synthesis of rock, hip hop, metal, indie, grunge, genius, and light, their original name was “Hybrid Theory” (which became the name of their first LP). As the band’s bassist, Phoenix, revealed in an early interview: “Although the styles we’re mixing can be very different, we want the combination to feel natural—that is a big part of our band’s identity.” For nearly two decades, since the band released the album “Hybrid Theory”, to its 2017 release named “One More Light”, the band has remained true to its goal to bring artforms and people together.