MERGE! Domain name conference, Orlando, Fl, August 14-18 2017

From the 14th to the 18th of October, 2017, a conglomerate of conferences devoted to the exploring the use and potential of domain names will be held at the Marriott’s Orlando World Center in Florida. Called MERGE!, this event is said to be one of the largest in domain names and naming. Information on registration as well as the program schedule can be found at the website.

This groundbreaking event is a group of different events and networking opportunities – multiple individual events – with shared access. MERGE! will have content, sessions, speakers, panels, networking, sponsors, and events within it, all focused upon fusing ideas and people. Legal, Branding, Development, User Experience, Investment, Appraisal, Startups, Technology, Design, Security and more. This event incorporates the third year of THE Domain Conference as one of the many MERGE! sub-shows, which will also include numerous other events and activities, all of which have a common access pass included with your MERGE! admission.

Many individual conferences will be operating at the same time, with portions operating privately and portions shared sessions, group meetings, common keynotes and networking.