“My Treasure” is the most popular pet name among German couples

8460805431_fb29465f5a_mIn a representative nationwide study conducted in Germany, researchers have identified the top ten pet names which couples use to call one another behind closed doors:



“My Treasure” takes the top spot, with about 35% of Germans using a variation such as:

  • Treasure (Schatz)
  • Little Treasure (Schatzi/Schatzlein/Schätzle)
  • Big Treasure (Riesenschatz)
  • Cuddly Treasure (Schnuckelschatz)


Animal names account for second through fifth place. In order, these zoonymic names of affection are:

  • Mouse (Maus)
  • Hare (Hase)
  • Bear (Bär)
  • Sparrow (Spatz)


In tenth place is the now internationally recognized onomastic evergreen Liebling.

Here is a list of other favorite German nicknames for your sweetheart.