Publication Announcement: Names: A Journal of Onomastics 71, no. 4 is now available

The latest issue of Names: A Journal of Onomastics is now available online! Click here to read the latest in onomastics scholarship in volume 71, number 4 of Names. A table of contents for this special issue on Ukrainian Names and Naming appears below.

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Special Issue: Ukrainian Names and Naming

Table of Contents


Editorial by I. M. Nick


Romanian-Ukrainian Anthroponymic Contact on the Interstate Border along the Tisza River by Oliviu Felecan and Adelina Emilia Mihali

Homeland on Foreign Maps: Toponymy of Western Ukraine on Austrian, Interwar-Polish, and Soviet Topographic Maps with Special Focus on Toponymy of the Carpathian Mountains by Wojciech Włoskowicz

A Case Study of De-Russification of Ukrainian Hodonyms: Rigged Trial or Justice Restored? by Oleksiy Gnatiuk and Anatoliy Melnychuk

Вільні Люди ‘Free People’ and Надійний тил ‘Reliable Rear’: Names of Ukrainian Resistance and Support by Olena Kadochnikova

Ukrainian Onomastic Identity Across 15 Years (2006–2021) by Olena Karpenko and Valeriia Neklesova

Book Reviews

Empty Signs, Historical Imaginaries: The Entangles Nationalization of Names and Naming in a Late Habsburg Borderland by I.M. Nick

Naming and Othering in Africa: Imagining Supremacy and Inferiority through Language by Michel Nguessan

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