NORNA 47: Nordic Cooperative Committee for Onomastic Research Symposium, Lund, Sweden, May 11-12 2017

The Nordic Cooperative Committee for Onomastic Research or NORNA will be holding its 47th official symposium from the 11th to the 12th of May 2017 in Lund, Sweden. The theme of this symposium will be “Bebyggelsenamnens dynamik”.  More information on this special event can be found at the website.

The symposium is jointly organized by the Institute for Language and Folklore and the Network for settlement names research, kept at the Archive Centre South in Lund. It is here that the collections of dialect and place names in the Lund archive are now located, and are available to the public. During the symposium there will be the opportunity to visit these collections.

The symposium will include a workshop on the names of -lev and -löv, open to
all contributions. The workshop is based on the various archaeological and
linguistic research in recent years, which has shed new light on this name type, both
terms of etymology, dissemination, and cultural context.