Publication Announcement — Names: A Journal of Onomastics 72, no. 2 (2024) is now available!

The latest issue of Names: A Journal of Onomastics is now available online! Click here to read the latest in onomastics scholarship in volume 72, number 2 of Names. A table of contents appears below.

Names is published as an open access journal available to all via the Journal’s home at the University of Pittsburgh. All journal content, including the content found in previous volumes, is available for free online as downloadable PDF files.



Table of Contents


Gender and the Urban Linguistic Landscape: Polish Street Naming Practices by Krzysztof Górny and Ada Górna

What’s in a Name: An Exploratory Study of Similarities and Differences Between Twins and Single-born Siblingsby Emma Otta, Gustavo Crivello Cesar, Eloísa de Souza Fernandes, Renata Defelipe, Keven Leandro dos Santos, Vinicius Frayze David, and Nancy L. Segal

The Negative Effect of Ambiguous First Names in Online Mate Selection: Evidence from a Survey Experiment in Japanby Kazuya Ogawa, Hiroki Takikawa

Young Chinese Women’s Reasons for Changing their Given Names: An Online Investigation by Yi Liu



A Note on the UK Local BMD: A Full Name Onomastic Resource by Stephen J. Bush

Book Reviews

The Nameplate, by Marcel Rosa-Salas and Isabel Attyah Flower, by Mary Ann Walter

Names and Naming in Beowulf by Philip A. Shaw, reviewed by T.K. Alphey


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