Since Caitlyn Jenner, Renaming Ceremonies Gain Visibility

7185524912_be4002da2d_mTransgender individuals frequently mark their transition by exchanging their birth name for a new, self-chosen name.

In recognition and celebration of this significant personal transformation, many progressive religious institutions have begun to offer members special re-naming ceremonies. The Congregational Church of San Mateo (CCSM) holds special baptisms for its congregation. As one CCSM member who was recently re-baptized revealed in an interview with the New York Times: “It was pretty powerful and moving […] to be able to say ‘My name is Constance’.”

Outside the United States, in an effort to better respond to the pastoral needs of the Christian transgender community, Reverend Newlands, the Vicar of England’s Lancaster Priory, has petitioned the General Synod to officially allow re-baptisms.