Škoda Karoq Is The Name For Next Generation Yeti SUV

Czech carmaker Škoda has revealed the name of its new compact SUV, as reported by MotorBeam. The Škoda Karoq will replace the Yeti and will be positioned below the Kodiaq. The name and the spelling have been derived from the language of Alaska’s indigenous people. Known as the Alutiiq tribe who live there, car in their language is called ‘KAA’RAQ’ and arrow is known as ‘RUQ’. Interestingly, an arrow constitutes the central element of Škoda’s logo and this is how the words ‘KAA’RAQ’ became ‘Karoq’. Škoda states that it was very important for them to give their new SUV a powerful name and this was in line with the naming approach across their SUV models.