Student changes name to avoid £220 Ryanair fee

16601483654_9028d4a82e_mAfter his flight to Ibiza was booked under the wrong name, a student from Manchester, England, legally changed his name to match that on the booking instead of paying the alteration fee. Adam Armstrong had set his name on Facebook as Adam West, the stage name of the U.S. American actor who played the comic character in the now iconic ABC television Batman series. This backfired when his girlfriend’s stepfather, believing Adam’s surname to be West, booked their flights. After doing a bit of researching, Adam discovered that the fee for changing the name on the airplane ticket would have cost him whopping £220 (ca. $350), whereas officially changing his surname from “Armstrong” to “West” would cost less than half that amount. In one fell swoop, the resourceful Manchester student legally changed his surname to “West”, obtained a new passport, navigated around Ryanair’s booking alteration fees, and claimed his plane ticket for a well-deserved trip to sunny Ibiza. ZOOOIEEE!