“Taco Tuesday” Trademark Claim Abandoned

Clip art illustrating the basic contents of an American-style taco: protein, lettuce, tomato, and cheese wrapped in a crispy corn tortilla.

Taco clip art (Photo: public domain)

Though the battle with Taco Johns may be over, the war for the “Taco Tuesday” continues on in New Jersey. According to an Associated Press piece, Taco Johns has abandoned its claim to the “Taco Tuesday” trademark as rival Taco Bell challenges the smaller chain. Mead Gruver writes, “In a filing with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, Cheyenne-based Taco John’s gave up any further claim to “Taco Tuesday” in 49 states, ending a high-profile spat with Taco Bell. But the dispute looks to keep simmering on the Jersey Shore, where Gregory’s Restaurant & Bar in Somers Point promised to keep fighting Taco Bell over the exclusive right to hold “Taco Tuesday” promotions in New Jersey. “We’re hanging in there. We’re sticking by our guns,” Gregory’s Restaurant & Bar attorney Stephen Altamuro said.”

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