The internet contest for re-naming Robert E. Lee Elementary

3777015632_1126353f77_mWhat is harder than getting rid of an old name that irritates a LOT of people? Finding a new name that does not tick-off even more people. A group of wishful re-namers in Austin, Texas, recently learned this lesson.

In hopes of finding a new moniker for their local elementary school, “Robert E. Lee Elementary,” school officials started an internet naming contest. The result was abysmal. Not only was participation surprisingly low, but the name suggestions ranged from disappointing to downright shocking. Among the top ten names suggested was, for example, the “Adolf Hitler School for Friendship and Tolerance.”

Interested in knowing what name made the top spot among the school’s onomastic nominees? Here is a wee hint: it was not Democratic hopeful “The Hillary R. Clinton Elementary School.” “Schoolie McSchoolface” also made the list of nominees…but it was not the number one choice. Find out the top nominee.