Voprosy Onomastiki (Problems of Onomastics) publishes Vol. 15 (2018), Issue 2

The editorial board of the journal Voprosy Onomastiki (Problems of Onomastics) is pleased to inform you of the publication of Vol. 15 (2018), Issue 2. The issue is available on the journal’s website.


Mullonen, I. I. Phonetic Variants of the Ancient Toponymic Stem *Ylä- ‘Upper’ and Their Genesis in the Hydronymy of Karelia

Agapkina, T. A., Berezovich, E. L., Surikova, O. D. Toponyms in the Charms of the Russian North. II: Lands. Mountains. Islands. Cities

David, J. Toponymy in a Relocated City: the City of Most, Czech Republic

Litvina, A. F., Uspenskij, F. B. The Veneration of the Mother of God and Some Aspects of Naming Tradition in pre-Petrine Russia

Prósper, B. M. The Indo-European Personal Names of Pannonia, Noricum and Northern Italy: Comparative and Superlative Forms in Celtic, Venetic, and South-Picene

Golikova, D. M. Systemic Ties of Personal Names through the Lens of Their Lexical Derivatives

Bobrova, M. V. Somatisms in Modern Nicknames of the Perm Region

Issues in Applied Onomastics

Nikitina, T. G. The Urban Toponymic Space: “Cultural Layers” in Lexicographic Perspective

Ilyin, D. Yu., Sidorova, Е. G. Representation of Grammatical Information in a Regional Toponymic Gazetteer

Ruth, M. E., Klimenko, E. N. Unofficial Urbanonymy of Ekaterinburg: a Sociolinguistic Study

Bozhko, E. M., Illner, A. O., Korneeva, L. I. A Compromise Approach to Rendering Urban Place Names: the Case of Ekaterinburg

Dambuev, I. A. Revisiting the Standardization of the Use of the Letter ё in Russian Toponymy

Book Reviews

Shmeleva, T. V.
New Advances in the Study of Hydronymy. Review of the book: Vasilyev, V. L. Gidronimiia basseina reki Msty: svod nazvanii i analiz mikrosistem [The Hydronymy of the Msta River Basin: Nomenclature and Analysis of Microsystems]. Moscow: Izdatel’skii dom IaSK, 2017.

Suprun, V. I.
Slavic Railway Onomastics. Review of the book: Tomasik, P. Nazewnictwo kolejowe: na materiale języka polskiego, rosyjskiego i czeskiego [Railway Onomastics: Evidence from Polish, Russian, and Czech]. Bydgoszcz: Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Kazimierza Wielkiego, 2016.


Popov S. A.
Founder of the Voronezh Onomastic School: On the 75th Anniversary of Professor Gennady Kovalev

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