At Oberlin College, band’s gig canceled over its name, says ‘Viet Cong’ is ‘deeply offensive’

14276357379_c2e0b2b440_mA Canadian band with the name VietCong has sparked international controversy. The Band took its name from the name of the Viêt Công political organization and army which fought against the US during the Vietnam War from 1959 to 1975.

The controversy surrounding the Canadian Indie band’s name choice came to a head when authorities at Oberlin College in Ohio decided to cancel a scheduled show at The Dionysus Disco, a student-run night club on campus. The university cancelled the performance on the grounds that the group’s name was injurious and deeply offensive. While some defend the band’s right to name themselves as a necessary and sacred expression of artistic freedom, others feel that the teenage band is an exploitative and insensitive ploy to gain public attention.

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