Swedish prince named Nicolas Paul Gustaf

9195944224_611dc4dc79_mOn June 15, 2015, at 13:45 CEST, Princess Madeleine, the Duchess of Hälsindland and Gästrikland, in Sweden, gave birth to a healthy baby boy. On the 17th of June, Sweden’s King Carl XVI Gustaf announced the official name and title of his grandson: Nicolas Paul Gustaf, Duke of Ängermanland.

Although the name Nikolas is a very common Swedish name, the spelling Nicolas is rather unusual and may reflect the heritage of the newborn’s father, the American-British financier, Chris O’Neil. The newest member of the Swedish Royal family, the little prince is the sixth in line to the Swedish crown—one step behind his older sister, Princess Leonore Lilian Maria Bernadotte, Duchess of Gotland.

It remains to be seen whether the names of the Prince and Princess will have a significant effect on personal naming patterns in Sweden.

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