Call for Interviewees on the Baby Names Podcast!

We’re seeking name experts to be interviewed on this season of The Baby Names Podcast. We’ve already featured many ANS scholars on the show and always get an amazing response. The podcast is hosted by longtime ANS member Jennifer Moss.

The Baby Names Podcast receives over 10,000 listeners PER DAY and it’s growing fast. We promote it through our site and social media and are happy to link to your social accounts and/or research. Here’s our lineup for seasons 4 & 5 – If you have an expertise in any of the subjects – or want to pitch your favorite name topic,  please reach out!
  • Puritanical Names
  • Italian Names
  • Hebrew/Jewish Names
  • Early 20th Century Naming 1900-1930
  • Cultural Appropriation and Names
  • Naming Trends
  • Chinese Names
  • Japanese Names
  • Slavic Names
Email Jennifer Moss,, to submit yourself for a topic…or to suggest one!