Call for Papers: Special Journal Issue of NAMES devoted to Children’s Literature, Names, and Naming

The American Name Society (ANS) is issuing its first call for abstracts for an upcoming special issue of the Society’s journal, NAMES.  This issue will be devoted to analysis and discussion of children’s literature, names, and naming. For many of us, one of the earliest and fondest memories includes story-time, when we discovered tales that had the power to inspire, calm, or chill the spirit.  Although over the years, the plots of most of those  stories may have faded from our memories, the names of many of those main characters and the fictional places they inhabited, have managed to survive.  For an upcoming special issue of NAMES, onomastic scholars and names enthusiasts are warmly invited to re-ignite that early childhood fascination and submit a paper that explores names and naming in literature intended for children and/or adolescents.  From the names of places, people, animals, and plants to the monikers of ferries, goblins, witches, and hobbits–any type of name from any period of time or language is welcome.  Papers examining author names, be they real or pseudonyms, are also invited.   The primary works examined may be fiction or non-fiction. The only stipulation for submission is that the primary intended reading audience of the piece(s)  of literature investigated must be children and/or adolescents/juveniles.

Proposal Submission Process

  • Abstract proposals (max. 500 words, excluding the title and references) should be sent as a PDF email attachment to Dr. I. M. Nick (
  • For organizational purposes, the proposals must include “CHILD2020” in the subject line of the email
  • All proposals must include an abstract, title, and a preliminary list of references;
    the full name(s) of the author(s), the author(‘s’) affiliation(s) must appear in the body of the email and NOT the abstract itself
  • In the case of multi-authored submission, one person must be clearly designated as the primary contact
  • The DEADLINE for abstract submission is June 15, 2021. Authors will be notified about acceptance on or by July 15, 2021
  • Final papers (max 5,000 words, excluding abstracts and references) will be due October 15, 2021

For further information about this call, please feel free to contact Dr. I. M. Nick (