Call for Papers – Special Session of ANS about Texas Names, Austin, January 5-8, 2017

The 2017 annual meeting of ANS will be January 5-8 in Austin, TX. In recognition of this occasion there will be a special session devoted to Texas names.

Abstracts on any aspect of Texas names are welcome:

  • place names in Texas
  • personal names in Texas2000px-Texas_flag_map.svg
  • regional or ethnic names in Texas
  • changes of names
  • pronunciation of Texas names
  • street names in Texas
  • ranch names
  • Texas brands
  • folk etymology in Texas names
  • fanciful stories attached to Texas names
  • names of Texas radio and TV stations
  • Texas highway names
  • names of Texas politicians
  • Texas formal vs. colloquial names
  • Texas names in media
  • names of Texas newspapers
  • New England names in Texas

… the list goes on.

You need not live in Texas nor be a native or even a naturalized Texan to participate. Texans, former Texans, closet Texans, Texas wannabees, Texans from all parts of the world are welcome.

If you are interested in presenting a paper at this special session, please send an email to Edward Callary [] no later than April 30 expressing your interest and a general idea of your topic.