Heritage and toponymy at “Politics, Uses and Governance of the Past”, Lecce (Italy), May 29-31 2020


The management of controversial places of memory and heritage has an important political meaning. Geographical names can also celebrate a past that you want to impose. Or forget. In some cases, there is a double toponymy, which on the one hand celebrates the unity of the nation-state and of the majority population, on the other hand recalls the cultural specificity of the territory. In others, there are names in two or three different languages. Yet in other places, tourism erases the traditional toponymy and imposes its own, more in tune with the happy image that you want to promote. For this reason, a thematic conference on the „geographies of the heritage“ opens a broad debate, which can involve many of the voices that the IGU commissions may put together.

Sessions and papers could be devoted to the following sub-theme: Heritage and toponymy. Call for papers is closed but you may attend the conference!