Isis is removed from the list of hurricane names

4989555315_b0512756e4_mThe UN’s World Meteorological Association (WMO) has announced that the name Isis has been officially removed from its list of hurricane names in 2016. This decision marks the first time that a name has been banned for its association with a terrorist organization.

According to the WMO, in the minds of most people today, the name Isis is no longer primarily associated with the magical goddess of ancient Egypt; instead it is now associated with the group accused of committing atrocities in Iraq and Syria. In this context, the name “ISIS” is an English acronym for the full phrase “Islamic State of Iraq and ash-Sham”.

Clare Nullis, UN spokeswoman from Geneva, Switzerland explained that the WHO Hurricane Committee will be replacing the stigmatized moniker with the name “Ivette”.

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