Join the new ANS Facebook group – Special Interest in Place Names

The American Name Society has launched four new Special Interest Groups on Facebook. Today we’re spotlighting the Place Names group, run by Evgeny Shokhenmayer.

The purpose of the ANS Place Names group is to share interesting information about various place names. Besides that, our goals are to represent and promote the American Name Society, provide valuable content concerning toponymy of all kinds, grow the community and attract new members, and encourage participation from our members.

Dr. Evgeny Shokhenmayer has been researching onomastics since 2002 (20 articles in French, 15 in English, and 5 in Russian). Since 2012, he has been the blogger behind the website e-Onomastics. In 2017, he was elected as Web Officer at ICOS (International Council of Onomastic Sciences), where he updates the website, coordinates the Facebook page, and manages the Twitter channel.

Please note that this is a closed group. The moderator will review your request to join, which includes a few simple questions. We look forward to seeing you there!