Most Popular Estonian Baby Names of 2014

The final tally is in: The most popular personal names in Estonia for the year 2014 have been announced by the nation’s Ministry of the Interior.

The top 5 Estonian Girls’ Names:

  1. Sofia
  2. Eliise
  3. Maria
  4. Mia
  5. Lisandra

The top 5 Estonian Boys’ Names:

  1. Rasmus
  2. Artjom
  3. Robin
  4. Martin
  5. Oliver

9616362930_1da3d1ebc9_mWhat is particularly striking about these results is the degree to which American and Estonian parents of baby girls seem to share the same onomastic tastes. Many of the top Estonian girls’ names are common in the US as well. For example, according to data collected by, in the US, Sofia is ranked twelfth and Mia is ranked sixth.

As for those parents who brought home a bouncing baby boy in 2014, the name preferences seemed to show a greater national divide. While the American favorite Liam is nowhere to be found amongst the Estonia’s top 25 baby boy names, the Balkan favorite Rasmus was chosen so infrequently by American parents in 2014 that it was not even included in the national ranking.

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