‘Sweet Baby Jesus’ beer pulled from Ohio grocery store shelves

4241360451_80fe59c79a_mThe chocolate and peanut butter porter beer initially marketed under the product name Sweet Baby Jesus has been pulled from some Ohio grocery store shelves in response to multiple consumer complaints about the popular beverage’s name.

Dave Benfield, owner of the Baltimore-based company Duclaw, which produces the brew, defended the product name by saying that the name was not meant to be offensive, but was chosen as a “phrase of excitement or astonishment.” When asked in an interview with FOX News if the company was planning to change the name of the dark brew, Benfield responded: “We don’t censor ourselves because it might cost us dollars.”

Although the name remains controversial amongst some consumers, the rocky head porter is a hit amongst beer connoisseurs. According to the company website, Sweet Baby Jesus won the Bronze Medal for chocolate beers at the Great American Beer Festival in 2014.

Other religiously inspired names in the Duclaw company repertoire include:

  • Divine Retribution, the moniker for an imperial stout aged in a Kentucky white oak bourbon barrel
  • Mad Bishop, a German-style seasonal brew inspired by the Oktoberfest
  • Devil’s Milk, a Gold medal winner barley wine ale of the Brewer’s Association of Maryland.


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